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Battlefield Houston has developed a great fundraiser program that can be customized for your needs.  Your organization purchases ticket bundles to resell.  We can bundle simple things like Buy One Game TIme, Get Second for Free, 30-Minute Games, Drink Coupons, Customized Dogtags and more.  But we can also offer our mobile team to personalize an event for you at your location and you can add additional coupons for your own event, such as bounce houses, jumps, carnival games, or even food and drinks.  

So how does it work:

Purchase ticket bundles for Indoor: (Purchase for $5, Sell for $10, Minumum 200 Bundles)

  - Buy One 30 Min Game, Get One Free

  - Buy One 30 Min Game, Get One Free

  - Buy One 30 Min Game, Get One Free

  - Bottle of Water


Sell 200 Ticket Bundles, $1000

Sell 400 Ticket Bundles, $2000 (Plus $200 Bonus)


Mobile Ticket Bundles for our team coming to you: (Purchase for $5, Sell for $10, Minimum 200 Bundles)

  - Our team sets up battlefield at your location

  - 3 5-Minute Game Passes

  - Add customized options such as Buy One Water and Get one Free

  - Having a Carnival, upsell coupons inside the same bundle and presell them at a higher price


Call us at (713) 409-1990 and ask for the Group Event Specialist.