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The kids played all night.  Better than anything else we had!

Melinda, Spring High School

Looking for a solution for your next After Graduation or After Prom lock-in event?  Battlefield Houston has a great solution.  Our mobile team can come to your location and set up the best laser tag battlefield that can handle up to 40 players at one time.  We can take over a gym, cafeteria area, fit inside a ballroom, conference room and more.  We have great flexability to fit in any odd space.  Even a half-gym will work for us.  Our team run the events through the night ensuring the missions keep advancing and keep the kids interested.

Project Prom and Project Grad lock-in events or just your class Senior or Junior party need something that can be fun for the whole group.  Our team has a lot of experience working these types of events and can even help you work out the details such as start times, length of event and more. We can have 20 - 40 tagger/laser guns available and build a very unique battlefield for the players.

Our packages include:

  • 20 taggers minimum, up to 40!
  • Choose 1.5-hours up to all night lock-ins
  • Our staff run the event and keep the games changing all night
  • We set up and take it down.  No need for volunteers to stay late with our equipment
  • Experienced with many school districts in the Greater Houston / Katy / Cypress and beyond.
  • Upgrades for music and lights

Call us at (713) 409-1990 and hit the Mobile extension 2 for your custom event details.

Battlefield set up in basketball gym

Basketball Gym Setup

Setting up in a basketball gym, high school cafeteria, outdoors, unlimited options.  We can adapt to the space that you need us in.

Elementary/Middle/High School Graduation

Not just high school graduations.  We can do Elementary and Middle School graduation events as well.  Our mobile team can set up outdoors afterschool right on your soccer field or any open space.

Add Laser tag to Any Event

We can set up a battlefield in practically any space.  We have even provided laser tag at Dave and Buster's for an overnight lock-in.