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Corporate Events

Battlefield Houston is perfect for your next group outing or lock-in. Our mobility gives you the option to hold your event at your office, local park, company picnic and more.  You can combine it with your other activities or let us lead you through several team building excercises.  Include us in your next plans for a great get together! Outdoor laser tag that can be played indoor or out, day or night!

Youth Groups / Festivals

The Group event is a very economical way to have your group outing and entertain everyone. YMCA youth groups, church youth groups, cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts, school clubs, choirs, bands and so much more have been a part of Battlefield Houston.

The Group Events make the most sense when you have more than 30 attendees. We can generally run approximately 100 people through multiple games in two hours. We have run extremely large groups in four hours. Once you have learned how the guns operate, the turn-around time between games is greatly decreased and the flow moves quickly.

If you have less than 30 people in your group, consider selecting the Party option and see the multiple pricing options available.

Scorpion Lasertag Gun
Black Barrier Walls
Low and High Walls Setup Outside
Low and High Walls
Low and High Walls Setup Inside


Large Groups for a Single Price

Instead of paying per person, Group Pricing is per gun pricing.  This means that the 30-lasertag event can handle 30 players at one time and allows players to rotate in.

30-Lasertag Equipment

30 - 100 Players

1.5 Hours: $1049

Addtl. Half-Hr: $325

  30 Lasertag guns
  X-Large Battlefield Wall Setup


40-Lasertag Equipment

40 - 180 Players

1.5 Hours $1249

Addtl. Half-Hr: $390

  40 Lasertag Guns
  X-Large Battlefield Wall Setup


Small to Large Parties

We have more equipment so we can do more and larger parties

Reserve Online

Our online system isn't a generic form.  It shows you our availability so you can be confident that your event is booked.


We have been doing outdoor lasertag longer than anyone in the Houston area.  Lasertag is what we do and we have gotten amazing at it!

Ages 8+

Lasertag that targets the age group that's hard to please.  Too old for the kiddie parties but still want their friends over for something cool!