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Lasertag That Travels

Our Mobile Lasertag Team can come to your location and setup an amazing battlefield either outdoors or indoors; daytime or nighttime.  

Birthday Party Experience

A Battlefield Houston Birthday Party Event is the great hands-free event for you.  You start with the base event party.  Starting at $325, your one hour event includes 10 participants and 8 default barrel-shaped inflatables for the battlefield.

You can go to our online reservation system, choose the Birthday Party option starting at $325 and then add extra guests ($19.50 / each), additional time, and many other options shown below.   Each event includes a Battlefield Houston dogtag for each guest, and one 30-Minute Game Dogtag that a player can trade in for a free game at our indoor location.  Players must be 8 years older and older.

We let you build your event to match your budget, your battlefield, and the number of guests that you would like to invite.

Scorpion Lasertag Gun
Standard with Base Birthday Event
X-Large Walls Option


Birthday Options for the Perfect Party

Pricing that makes sense!  Travel fees will be added for locations 30 minutes away from our base location.  Our online reservation system usually shows the mileage required for your event.

Standard Birthday

Around the House


ONE Hour of Laser Tag for 10 players and 8 of our default inflatables.  Includes our Battlefield Houston dogtag for each player, and one 30-Minute Free Game dogtag for the person of honor that can be traded in at our indoor location.  Each additional guest is $19.50. Add $150 / half-hour. (Ages 8+)


Large Battlefield Add-On

Local Park or Large Group


Switch over to 7 of our larger walls to increase your coverage for open areas or older (taller) players.  This event switches out to the larger black walls which provide a better height and more coverage.  This is the perfect option if you have a larger number of players than the standard 10, older players, or a open area to play in. (Ages 8+)


Battlefield Houston Walls

X-Large Battlefield Add-On

Large Groups / Open Fields


The full inflatables battlefield.  This event includes everything in the large Battlefield but adds an additional set of larger walls.  This event is perfect for large groups, really open areas (such as parks) or newly landscaped yards with lots of players. (Ages 8+)



For ages 8+. Reserving per player not per gun. When reserving the event online, select the default $325 birthday party and add-on the type of inflatables and walls you would like.


Party Bags

Party Bags


Includes 7 items like camo hankerchief, binoculars, cards, army men, parachute man, and more.

Large Battlefield Walls


Large walls can be added at your event for just $100.  This puts 7 of our cool larger walls on your battlefield.

Low and High Walls for the Battlefield

X-Large Battlefield Walls


X-Large Walls can be added to your battlefield for $200.  This builds a large battlefield with the bigger walls on your battlefield.

Small to Large Parties

We have more equipment so we can do more and larger parties

Reserve Online

Our online system isn't a generic form.  It shows you our availability so you can be confident that your event is booked.


We have been doing outdoor lasertag longer than anyone in the Houston area.  Lasertag is what we do and we have gotten amazing at it!

Ages 8+

Lasertag that targets the age group that's hard to please.  Too old for the kiddie parties but still want their friends over for something cool!