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There is nothing that quite matches the incredible capability of the Battlefield Houston equipment.  Shooting farther than paintball and straighter than airsoft, we have made sure that Battlefield Houston has the highest quality hand-built armaments for laser tag.  The sophisticated, high-tech gear we have assembled is rugged, feels great and sounds like the real thing.  Every gaming gun as a distinct report.

The guns are highly configurable.  In standard military operations, the equipment can enable friendly fire.  Your own team can take damage just like a real simulated combat game.  For most events and parties, we disable friendly fire so team members can not shoot their own team.

With years of experience in the business, it isn't just about the guns.  Our games are just as important.  We modify the software on the equipment and upgrade the features on a regular basis to improve the experience and games that can be played.  While many have their game favorites, we strived to add new games to our portfolio constantly.

The Indoor Equipment

Simply the best, designed for an indoor combat style of laser tag. 

Mobile Armory

The Mobile Equipment

Designed for both indoor and outdoor.  Great for your corporate and birthday event.