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Has Technology Changed the Way Children Play?

The changes technology continues to bring to society are not hard to miss. Everywhere you go children and adults alike are carrying smartphones, iPads, and other devices to keep them constantly connected. The problem is technology is moving at such a high rate that there is no way to tell what these changes might mean for future generations. One thing is certain, technology is shaping the way our children and teens play, think, and experience life. Should you be concerned?

The short answer is yes. Inactivity has drastically increased, particularly for young children. Though there are factors outside of technology that have contributed to this, the fact remains that kids are more opt to be holding a tablet than playing a sport, especially as they become teenagers. Society has certainly changed, and for most parents, allowing their children to have the run of the neighborhood is no longer safe. Technology is a convenient way to distract children and offer a play option, but that means more and more kids are getting less and less exercise.


We hope to offer a safe, involved option for kids, teens, and adults alike to get out of the house, off their smartphones, and into real world situations. Our missions take brains, brawns, and teamwork, offering a lot more than a fun alternative to video games. Technology allows children today to skim, scan, and spend hours distracted by a number of videos, games, ads, etc. Their lack of focus on one goal could be detrimental to the way they process information. We use technology to build equipment, props, and missions that require critical thinking, attention, and teamwork. We hope to be one solution to this growing problem.