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Tactical Laser Tag: Indoor vs. Outdoor

As technology advances, the way we experience things is rapidly changing, including the way we play. With new props, wireless controls, and advanced gadgets, we are able to bring work or fun just about anywhere. Tactical laser tag offers two ways to play with both indoor and outdoor options.


At Battlefield Houston, our indoor arena is set up and ready to accommodate large groups of players. The armory is stocked with realistic weapons that are meant to be handled like the real thing. We take walk in groups as well as reservations. Indoor play obviously lends itself to availability during all weather conditions. We even have overnight Lock-In events which allow you and your friends to play into the wee hours of the night. Games start every 30 minutes for a full day of indoor fun!


Our mobile laser tag option allows for us to set up an arena right in your own backyard or neighborhood park! This is perfect for birthday parties or community events. Our equipment can accommodate almost any outdoor arena. Our weaponry is advanced enough to reach far lengths, perfect for outdoor play. Invite your friends and family for a tactical laser tag game that can come to you. As with our indoor arena, our outdoor set up can host a large amount of players or we can switch between smaller groups for a number of games. Staying active can be simple, both indoors and outside. Tactical laser tag is a great way to escape a rainy day in our indoor arena, or perfect for setting up in the sun and having fun outdoors with our mobile laser tag option!