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How To Beat Your Competition At Tactical Laser Tag

As with any game, strategy is important when attempting to defeat your competition. Tactical laser tag requires you to be – well, tactical. Here are some ways you can increase your chances of winning.

Stay alert at all times. Think on your feet. Always be aware of what you, your teammates, and your enemies are doing.

Find protection. As you move around the arena, always attempt to keep at least one side of you covered so you are never fully exposed to danger. Don't turn your back in an area where you are in the open.

Be a team player. Tactical missions require you to work together to achieve success. Be a reliable teammate and trust your co-players to do the same.

Keep a line of sight open. You want to be able to have a decent view of the other team's open space to identify any vulnerable areas. Act quickly when a chance to attack arises.

Fire often. Keep an eye on your ammo if supply is not unlimited, but fire as much as possible to increase your chances of making a hit. Having a good defensive edge will protect you, but you cannot bring your team to victory unless you actively pursue your enemy.

Keep your eye on the prize. Don't forget the object of your mission. Tactical laser tag is more than just shooting laser guns. These missions have a clear goal so be sure you are pursuing the right objective.

These tips can help you dig in and beat the competition. Just remember to have fun in the process!